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Hello all!  I just wanted to say thank you for visiting me. 
Also, many of these books here I either bought, won, or was asked to review. If there is a story which was reviewed for a specific site I will give proper credit to them.  I don't believe in giving a fully bad review, there is enough negativity in the world and who really wants to read one? Okay, maybe some of you! LOL  Any-who, I review anything from sweet romance to erotic. If you'd like me to review something of your own, you can contact me on facebook
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Deep, Dark, & Delicious by Tina Donahue

One Wilde Night by Ronda Leah

Uprooted by Jasmine Aherne

A Lady Never Tells by Candace Camp

Nothing But Sex by
Fran Lee

Chinook, Wine, and Sink Her by Morgan Q. O'Reilly

Good Cop, Bad Girl by Paige Tyler

Angel's Master by Sandra Sookoo

Lost In His Arms by M.S. Spencer

Lost and Found by
M.S. Spencer

Lust Velvet Nights by Tina Donahue

Lois Lane Tells All by Karen Hawkins

Desire in the Dark by Naima Simone

Wild Wyoming Nights by Sandy Sullivan

Bloom by Jasmine Aherne

Considering Kate
by Nora Roberts

Trouble in Cowboy Boots by Desiree Holt

Trouble in a Stetson
by Regina Carlysle

Letting Go

by Michele Zurlo

Fallen by Ann Simko

Trouble in Chaps
by Ciana Stone

The Golden Girl

by Erica Orloff

Barbary Point

by Alan Nayes

Cowboys Dream Too
by Morgan Q. O'Reilly

Sporting Wood by
Cindy Spencer Pape

Message of Love
by Liz Arnold
Review: Message of Love

Welcome back to Review Wednesday! I'm excited to announce that today I have Liz Arnold's historic romance, Message of Love. So, without further ado...

Audra Wakely is living in a nightmare. Her father is being held by the Spanish garrison. Arrested for gunrunning for the Cuban insurgents while a revolution is going on. Now Audra must come up with a large sum of money to pay for his freedom and prove her father's innocence while getting to Cuba to make sure her family land and cigar business is still intact. But, the steely gray eyes of one U.S. Naval Lieutenant Rollins McBride puts a hamper on the urgency at hand. And, after a freak accident that put them a week behind on their travels, Audra finds herself confused and pinning for a man and life she couldn't possibly have nor want.

How's he supposed to keep himself in check when everything about Audra calls to him. She's feisty, beautiful, smart and determined to be an independent woman. But, one taste of her and Rollins can't keep his head straight, let alone his mission to protect her and find out who the real gunrunner is.

Cuba's a beautiful and dangerous land--not a place for blooming love. Rollins and Audra have a mission, but will they put it above their own hearts and lives to only be left with the Message of Love lost?
WARNING:M/F love and romance in historic times

I'm honored that Ms. Liz Arnold asked me to review this touching novel. The amount of knowledge she has of this time period was astounding while not overwhelming. It was real and a pleasure to lose myself in her world of adventure and deceit. Never did a moment lag. Never did my mind wonder to something else. I was fully engrossed from beginning to end. Arnold weaves a complicated tale with expert story telling and believable fun characters.
Hope you will pick up Message of Love. It's the perfect read for anytime, and one you will go back to again and again.
Congratulations Liz Arnold on Five Blue Roses!  

Review: Sporting Wood

Good morning and welcome to Review Wednesday! Today I have Cindy Spencer Pape's erotic short called, Sporting Wood. LOL Love the title!

Click here to view larger imageSo what happens when a werewolf and a dryad meet one night deep in the forest? Well,  instant passion and and Hot sex, of course.

Cooper can't get enough of his little Nymph, Kyla. He returns night after night and soon their forbidden union turns to love and it's up to Kyla to figure out how she can keep her man.
Warning: M/F erotic sex, talking trees and one naked man.

This is a really adorable short. With only 28 pages, readers get what they asked for. Ms. Pape did a wonderful job with character developmental in very few pages. And, her sub-character, Xera, helps breath life and fun into the plot.

*On a personal note: I wish there was more to this story. I wanted more love scenes, more talking, more everything. While the story was full as a short, my heart wished for a novella. I'm too much of a noisy person for shorts. :)

Congratulations Cindy Spencer Pape on Four Blue Rose! I wish Cooper and Kyla all the best!!
Cindy Spencer Pape's Website: http://www.cindyspencerpape.com/ 
Review: Cowboys Dream Too

It's sooooo good to be back! I've survived the last few weeks and the major snow and ice storms here in the Northeast. *wipes brow* So, with the ice cracking and sliding down my roof. Cars still crawling along mucky roads with ice covered vehicles, I present Morgan Q. O'Reilly's, Cowboys Dream Too.

cowboys dream too by Morgan Q. O'ReillyGray knew his love was out there. It was only a matter of time until they met. All his life he'd been preparing for that day. When it finally came during a quick stop in Vegas, Gray had to hold himself back to not look like a crazed stacker. She was exactly how he'd visioned her in his dreams, and he couldn't wait for her to realize he was her one true love throughout time.

Reed was used to her friend Sam getting all the attention. After all, she was tall and beautiful, not short and fully curved, like herself. So, when the devilishly handsome Gray announced that Reed was his interest, she was more than a little skeptical. Despite her better judgment, Reed agrees to a date with Gray and is treated to a night of unforgettable lovemaking. When he tells her he's in love with her and about a reoccurring dream he's had since teen hood, Reed must acknowledge that Gray might not be crazy after all. For she's had the same dream.

Together, Gray and Reed, they must find where they belong in this lifetime, while battling the demons that tried to tear them a part in the past.
Warning: F/M romance, fun riding lessons, and intriguing massages.

What can I say? It was a good book! For once it was the man who was the dreamer. The female wasn't a typical Barbie doll and the bad guy wasn't totally evil. Not that those things are bad, it's was just a nice refresher to read something different.

This is the second novel I've reviewed by Ms. O'Reilly and she proved herself to be a consistently well rounded author. I liked the touch of supernatural and the personal struggles that Reed needed to work through. Gray had his own complications he needed to face, and he did it without coming off as a 'macho man' or uncaring.

All and all, I found the humor and seduction a wonderfully well blended mix. Congratulations, Morgan Q. O'Reilly on Four Blue Roses!
Morgan Q. O'Reilly's website:  http://morganqoreilly.com/home.html   

Review: Protective Custody

Review Wednesday has a hot erotic cop for you today! Damn, that Paige Tyler can write a story that gets you ready and wanting. This story makes me wish I was in some type of trouble and in need of Protective Custody!

PROTECTIVE CUSTODY by Paige TylerPaisley McCoy's office just got broken into. She didn't want to make a big deal about--after all, they didn't take anything. But then someone tries to get into her home, while she's there. Left with no choice but to tell her father, who just happens to be the Chief of Police for the SFPD, she must except that the hunky, by the book bodyguard her father assigned to protect her, might be the best distraction she's ever wanted.

He was on a stakeout, and now his chances of catching the SOB might be in jeopardy because he has to play babysitter to the Chief's daughter. But, when Inspector Gray Beckham feasts his eyes on the feisty Paisley, he has to not only protect her from a deadly, stop at nothing psycho, he also has to remember to keep his hands off of her. Something she's not making easy for him.
Warning: erotic sex, spanking, and one hell of a sexy cop!

*Giggles* Paige Tyler, I'm in love! And, by the way, the cover to this is soooo sexy! YUMMY
I loved the struggle between the two characters. Emotionally you didn't give away why Gray was so reluctant, too early. Paisley wasn't pushy, which at first I thought she'd be, and I was happy to see her emotions surface when she thought about losing him. The plot was full, and being the incredible sleuth that I am, the puzzle wasn't complete in my head until a page or two before the reveal! *round of applause* That's what I want!!  The sex scenes were incredible and all limbs were where they were supposed to be. Another big plus when doing these complex deliveries.
All and all, Ms. Tyler has delivered another story with heat and heart. If you're looking for a mystery with some erotic love, these character libidos will have you amazed!

Congratulations on Four Blue Roses!

Paige Tyler's website: http://www.paigetylertheauthor.com/intro.html   
Review: Barbary Point

Oh..My...Goodness! Do I have a treat for you today!!! I'm so excited because this is the first man I've had on my review site. His name is Alan Nayes and Barbary Point was his first attempt at a romance. Dude! He totally didn't disappoint. Sorry, my Western Massachusetts comes out when I get excited. So...

Barbary Point by Alan NayesKelly English just received the news that her father, who she hasn't seen or heard from since she was three, just died. At her mothers request, Kelly must go to Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin and close his estate. Kelly is hesitant, but her strong will pushes her to a destiny only the Gods could have foretold.

Once there, Kelly must face the reality of the man she never knew but longs to understand. With the help of Mitch Gabriel and an unexpected fishing trip, she discovers that love comes in many different forms and can last a lifetime.
Warning: The tears will flow.

Sometimes you read something and it changes you. You appreciate your life so much more and thank the heavens for the wonderful life you have. I finished this beautiful piece of fiction and then dreamed about it. How cool is that? I fell in love with the characters. My heart bleed when the inevitable happened and when it was over. Even now my eyes are starting to mist because my heart is weeping with joy and sadness. What an art form Barbary Point is. I saw the water, felt the wind and was over joyed with the discoveries. This novella will stay with me for a long time. Stories like this only come around once in a great while. If you want to feel, Barbary Point by Alan Nayes is a must read. You won't be disappointed!

Congratulations, Mr. Nayes on receiving the special Five and a Half Blue Roses! I'm so thrilled to have found Barbary Point.
Alan Nayes Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alan-Nayes/125860424139928   

Review: The Golden Girl

Review Wednesday's topic today is Erica Orloff's suspense/mystery The Golden Girl.
book cover of   The Golden Girl    (It Girls, book 1)  by  Erica Orloff
Madison Pruit just lost her best friend to unsavory circumstances. Unfortunately, she hadn't really talked to her in two years. Not after finding out that she was having an affair with Madison's father. But, the biggest shock is when it's relieved that her friend was murdered for being a whistleblower in her father's own company!

Now the heiress has turned into a spy to find the truth. Even if that means exposing her father as the murder and money embezzler.
Warning: none

The hardest part about being a reviewer, for me, is what to say when a book doesn't work out. The authors spend a considerable time perfecting their work and sometimes it still doesn't work out for some of the readers. This is what happened here.

While I love the concept of the book and I believe strong females are a must in the world, I couldn't get into this novel. It had all the elements of a good book-- suspense, mystery, love interest, conflict with characters and life. If you like all these things then I believe you'd enjoy this novel. I, however, wanted more on her new love. Plus, being that I'm very picky about my mystery novels, I found that this didn't satisfy my need to be surprised. Solved before the end, damn it! This is why my family won't watch movies like this with me. I ruin it for everyone--including myself.

In the end, Ms. Orloff does the writing world proud. And while this was totally not my kind of read, I believe anyone with a love for mystery/suspense would enjoy it.

Erica Orloff's website: http://www.ericaorloff.com/  

Review: Trouble in Chaps

book three
Today I have Ciana Stone's erotic romance and the final book in the Sequence, Saddles, and Spurs series, Trouble in Chaps. I enjoyed this series, course I love cowboys so resisting this group of stories was impossible.
Click here to view larger image
Roxie has just broken down with her two friends in No-Mans-Land. She doesn't want to stay any longer than she has to so when Cliff offers her a job at his bar, Trouble in Chaps, it turns out he's the trouble. Roxie's gambling ways lead her into one sexual bet after another. Soon she discovers that if she wins, Cliff will pay for their trip out of town with spending money included. But, if she loses, Roxie has to stay for six month warming his bed.

Soon the prospect of leaving doesn't hold the sparkle it once had. Her two friends have settled in nice and really like the men they're with. Plus, Cliff has become an unexpected surprise to Roxie's guarded ways, and she can't help but develop feels she has no right having for him. Feeling more and more desperate to leave, Roxie soon discovers she might be the only one who wants to continue the reckless road trip. Or, does she?
WARNING: M/F situations and lots of foreplay

This third novel wrapped the series up nice. I like how in each book you were able to keep up with the other characters. The unexpected twist in Trouble in Chaps helped cement this into an enjoyable and re-readable series. While I received my HEA, the end did tie up a little too neat for me. The loophole of time messed with the story and left me with too many questions. However, with such great characters and plot, I was sucked into this steamy story that took only one day to read.

Congratulations, Ms.Stone on receiving Four Blue Roses!
Ciana Stone's website: http://www.cianastone.com/ 
Review: Fallen

Good morning a welcome back to Review Wednesday! Today we have the Ann Simko's thriller, Fallen. So, if you like to sit on the edge of you seat and gnaw on your nails, here's on for you!

FallenDr. Dakota Thomas just sewed up a gun shot wound in his ER. The young Marine's only identification is his dog tags that couldn't possible be right. How could this boy have been born in 1898? Now, Dakota is on a mission to find out who this man is, why he was wondering around the desert alone, and who would want to kill him.

With a world forever trying to learn nature's secrets to live longer, how far will mankind go? And at what sacrifice?
Warning: combat situations and blood

Oh, my friend Ms. Ann Simko! What a wonderful weave. Most times I don't read thrillers and suspense because I have an uncanny ability to solve them. Not the case here. I didn't see the twists and turns to this awesome story and that is saying something! I felt for poor Ricco and screamed at Dakota. Montana was someone I didn't like until his mannerisms were explained with realistic detail.The story was fresh and something I'd never fathomed to imagine. LOL Now, I see it in the news everyday!

Looking for a thriller to get your blood flowing on these cold nights? Pick up Fallen, not only will you not be disappointed, you'll have two more books after it to finish up the tale.
Congratulations, Ann Simko on Five and half  Blue Roses! Absolutely, earned when you get an avid romance reader to buy the followups. :) 

Review: Letting Go

Today on Review Wednesday we have Michele Zurlo erotic romance, Letting Go. So sit back and enjoy a tale of two people who make right by defeating their personal demons.

Letting Go [Awakenings 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)
The power driven Sabrina Breszewski needs a husband. Still reeling from her grandfather's death, Sabrina leans she can only get her inheritance if she's married by her thirtieth birthday, proves it to be real love and it last a year. Too bad her birthday is in three day!

Surprise wasn't the only thing Jonas Spencer was when he received the marriage proposal from Sabrina. Intrigued was more like it. She's a beautiful power house and Jonas has fantasized about being with her from the moment his eyes wondered her delicious small frame. But, Jonas has secrets he doesn't want his new wife knowing. Ones too painful to discuss.

So, when Jonas and Sabrina's 'fake marriage' becomes complicated with feelings, they must decide who's going to submit and who's going to be the dominate when Letting Go becomes their only choice.
WARNING: m/f romance, erotic sex and whipping

It's because of stories like these that I've become such a huge fan of erotic romance. The characters were so real that I thought about them long after I had finished the book. I felt their pain and cheered when Sabrina discovered that with Letting Go she became a much happier person. This story is a testament to how sometimes less power is more. As for Jonas, I loved how complicated he was. You understood why he did things you otherwise thought were stupid or secretive.

Congratulations Michele Zurlo on Five Blue Rose's! They were well earned!
Michele Zurlo's website: http://michelezurlo.com/ 

Review: Trouble in a Stetson
Book two
Today on my blog we have the wonderful, Regina Carlysle with Trouble in a Stetson. It's the Erotic Romance followup to Trouble in Cowboy Boots. So, without any further ado--
Click here to view larger image
With two of her friends in two, Lola Lamont escapes the Vegas life only to break down in the smallest town on any southern map. With her car in need of desperate repairs, she takes a job as a waitress, but not before she gets a good look at the hottest sheriff to ever where a badge. He's Trouble in a Stetson, and she can't resist.  

She's trouble. And Sheriff Sam Campbell hasn't had some of that since the woman he loved walked out on him. Sam knows what he shouldn't do. He can see the future of this entanglement ruining his bachelor plans. But the well built bombshell is irresistible, so he vows to protect his heart anyway he can. 

It's a power of wills between a determined woman and strong willed man. Who will win? The ex Vegas Show Girl or the strong willed cop? Either way, sequins fly and sex is hotter than any Texas day in the throws of Summer heat.

WARNING: M/F romance and delicious erotic sex

*Giggles* There were parts I went back and reread. I loved how Ms. Carlysle was upfront with her character's flaws and fears. You never had to ponder where their feelings were coming from. The insecurity that plagued Lola was palatable and real. While Sam's need to be with her and his mind fighting the urge to love, left me fulfilled. This was a wonderful and delicious followup to Trouble in Cowboy Boots and I can't wait to finish the trilogy in the weeks to come!

Congratulations Ms. Regina Carlysle on Four and Half Blue Roses! It was a pleasure to read. :)
Regina Carlysle's website- http://reginacarlysle.com/  

Review: Trouble in Cowboy Boots
Book one
Welcome to Review Wednesday! Sometimes it's hard to believe how fast a week can go by. But, I have to say this little novella took no time to read. So, get on your chaps and spurs because Desiree Holt's erotic romance is a ride you won't soon forget.

Click here to view larger imageEmily Proctor is on an adventure to a new life after escaping Las Vegas with two of her best friends. She just never thought it would end in the quiet town of Mesa Blanco where the car they'd been riding in broke down. Now the girls are penniless, jobless and homeless.

One look at her and Wyatt Cavanaugh made some plans of his own. It'd been a while since a sexy lady with innocent eyes wondered into town. Especially one in need of a job. Well, he had one for her. It so happens Wyatt needs a cook for his ranch hands and Emily jumped at the prospect. Unfortunately for all his men, she'd never cooked a day in her life. But that's not what Wyatt wants to teach her, anyway. Soon he gives in to his desire and takes Emily on a sexual journey of BDSM.

Trust. A simple word and one Emily has to decide if she does. Wyatt is a cowboy and one with an appetite that is insatiable when it comes to sex. He's Trouble in Cowboy Boots, especially when her heart going back on their 'no strings attached' agreement.
WARNING: m/f romance, BDSM, and anal sex

Wow! I will fully admit I learned some things in this short and sexy novella. It had wonderfully full characters, though I did get the girls mixed up in the beginning. Wyatt was everything a cowboy should be-- sexy, built, caring and, Hot Damn!, virile. Emily's innocence to the ways of 'his sex' were honest and she wasn't fake with her willingness to learn. Unfortunately, I will have to say that in the beginning I wasn't feeling the attraction between the two. However, as soon as Wyatt staked his claim on her, the chemistry blazed! The female rival was delightfully played, while Emily's reserved nature had me spitting nails at her reaction to the 'threat'. Of course, I'm a chew 'em up and spit 'em out kinda woman.

All and all, I enjoyed this sexual journey so much I'll be reviewing the followup next week-- Trouble in a Stetson by Regina Carlysle.

In need of a read that will get you ready for a Hot night of kinky sex? Here you go, with no disappointments!
Congratulations, Desiree Holt on Three and a Half Blue Roses.
Desiree Holt's website: http://www.desireeholt.com/ 
Review: Considering Kate
WELCOME!! It's Review Wednesday and today I have a Classic. *smiles from ear to ear* Nora Roberts has been a favorite of mine since I picked up my first book by her-- 'Sea Swept'. You know when an author has made an impression on you when you start think, 'I believe I can do this, too!' Thank you Nora for giving me the foundation to be the author I am today. :)

Waiting for Nick & Considering KateKate Stanislaski Kimball is home from a profitable career in dance. Ballet has been her passion since childhood and now she wants to teach. She's picked out the perfect building. All it needs is some love and a lot of renovations. After a chance meeting with her mothers contractor, Body O'Connell, Kate has decided that ballet isn't her only passion.

She's pampered, spoiled and a socialite--plus, the last thing a widowed single dad needs. Except, he craves her. Kate's beautiful, irritating, and a total sexual siren. He'd be crazy to even think about kissing her. So, when she kisses him, Brody's carefully planned life turns upside down as as he begins Considering Kate.
WARNING: m/f romance with lots of lust

Oh, Nora! I actually cried when I read this! Now, that doesn't happen too often, so you know I enjoyed this story. It was a satisfying read that brought me back to why I became an author--to entertain and share the passion inside of me. If I could find one flaw, as with most older books, the head hopping left me sometimes confused but the multiple character personalities more than made up for it.
Looking for a classic read with fun characters, including a little boy who will steal your heart?  Considering Kate will satisfy you.
Really, I don't think I can judge this without being bias. So, I'm just going to give the remarkable Nora Roberts my admiration. I don't think she's ever steered a reader wrong. But, of course, that's just my opinion!
Nora Roberts website: http://www.noraroberts.com/index.html

Review: Bloom

Welcome to Review Wednesday!! Ever wonder what happens when the story is over and the wedding has yet to happen? Today I have Jasmine Aherne's sweet story Bloom.

Bloom by Jasmine Aherne - Click Image to CloseMari Dawson, Dr. Noah Campbell, and Aimee return in this sweet story about the months leading up to the Big Day--Mari and Noah's wedding. The excitement is in the air and romance can be felt all around them. But Aimee is crushed by her first teenage love and Mari still hasn't told her parents about the engagement. 

Will the trip down the aisle be a disaster from Mari's lack of wedding planning skills and Noah demanding work schedule? Or, will the two have their day?

You'll find out if their love will Bloom and make the special day a beautiful lifetime memory.

Warning: m/f sexual situation 

It never ceases to amaze me how some authors can pack so much into so little pages. But that's just what Jasmine Aherne did. While the characters were familiar from the first novel, Uprooted, they developed nicely in this short. Aimee, the teenager, is as real as it gets when her heart is broken. Mari, who's so careful with love and relationships, shows her venerability and responds as any loving mother figure, would. Plus, Noah was a delight whenever his thoughts wondered to his future wife. 

Thank you Ms. Aherne. It's hard enough to write great stories, but when an author goes the extra mile and follows it up with a closing tale, it eases the romantic mind! Congratulations on Five Blue Roses! This short was so sweet. :)

Jasmine Aherne's website: http://www.pinkpetalbooks.com/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=9 

Review: Wild Wyoming Nights

Welcome to Review Wednesday! *the ceiling is sparkling and playful ribbons are shooting from small pop toys* What fun!! Today I have Sandy Sullivan's, Wild Wyoming Nights. So, please give a round of applause for Ms. Sullivan and her wonderfully tortured characters! 

Wild Wyoming Nights

Abigail Carter has relocated to Wyoming with a dream of raising horses and mending a broken heart. Her husband lost his life during the tragic 911 attacks. It's now a little over a year later and she's still refusing to take her wedding band off. Even at the insistence of her dead husbands plead to move on. 

When Chase Wilder answered the First Response call for a rollover accident, he never imagined that he'd find is his destiny. With the first pulls of lust, long since given up for dead along with his late wife, Chase finds himself attracted to a woman who is still pining and uncertain. After a freak accident puts him in a cast for six weeks, Chase begins falling for Abby when she insists on taking care of him and his horses. It's the perfect arrangement, until a game of strip poker gets out of hand.

Wild Wyoming Nights isn't the only thing Abby and Chase find when their two tragic worlds collide. They find something much deeper, and a spirit which has sworn to never let go.

Warning: Quick lustful sex, anal sex, and quivering hormones

What a wonderful story of two lost souls. I'm a sucker for tragic heroes and heroines that get their day. I felt for them, cheered and yelled. And while the editing errors I found distracting, (which could have been because it's an Ebook. We do have these small problems, sometimes) I needed to keep reading. Wanted to know when their Happily Ever After was going to happen.

If you're looking for an Erotic Romance with lots of emotional pull, Wild Wyoming Nights will satisfy in every way possible. LOL Pun intended! *winks* Congratulation, Sandy Sullivan on Four Blue Roses!

Sandy Sullivan's website: http://www.romancestorytime.com  

Review: Desire in the Dark
Today on Review Wednesday we have Naima Simone's erotic romance, Desire in the Dark.

Click here to view larger imageIt's storming in new Eden, Washington, and not just because of the rolling thunder and lightening outside of Mac Dunn's office. No, it's the petite sexy red-head sitting across from him that's causing the storm inside. She's just confessed to being abstinent for two years and now is asking for Mac to take care of her. How can he refuse his friend who is in obvious need?

Alise Layton has been in love with Mac since the day she moved to New Eden. But, he's never showed any interest other than being friends. Now, she's confessed her need and he's looking hungry and wanting. Could it be that he's actually been covering up his feelings for her all this time? Only one way to find out, and Alise takes her chance at finding Desire in the Dark when the town blacks out.
Warning: erotic romance with heart.

Oh, Ms. Simone! The blurb to this short left my imagination ignited while the read was tantalizing. The characters were connected, the story had no holes, and my editors mind forgot to work! At the end of this story I looked for another page and was disappointed that it was done! I even pouted, a little.

If you're looking for a quickie to jump start your libido, Desire in the Dark will do it! Congratulations Naima Simone on Five Blue Roses!
Naima Simone's website: http://naimasimone.com/ 

Review: Lois Lane Tells All

It's Review Wednesday, so get on your Superman capes or your Lois Lane shoes because Karen Hawkins brings us on a romantic adventure. I had the pleasure of requiring this book through Romance In The Backseat's web conference back in March and I have to say, Thank You!

Lois Lane Tells All (Talk of the Town, #2)Susan Collins, AKA Lois Lane, wants to be a serious reporter. But the quiet town of Glory, North Carolina doesn't have too many juicy stories besides the bake-off at the local Baptist Church. Susan loves where she lives and knows everyone, except the new account for her towns failing paper- and the one she works for.

Mark Tremayne is not staying in Glory. He's a city man with a successful accounting business that he's put on the side for his sister's failing paper. The last thing he needed was some sassy, sexy, red-head giving him trouble. And that's exactly what Susan does-with her lips and perfectly fitted jeans. He wants to stay away, he wants to leave the little town where everyone knows everything, but from the instant Susan's lips first touched his, Mark's nerves of steel withered.

When these two worlds collide, from mutual attraction, the town of Glory will never be the same.

Warning: M/F, Steamy love scene in a broken elevator and a really big puppy

LOL What a fun book! The physical attraction was wonderfully written while the elderly sub-characters made me laugh with their shenanigans. Susan was multi-layered and vulnerable while her Clark Kent was strong and dependable. I actually reread this novel right after finishing it because there was just something so special about the fun.

If you're looking for a relaxing read with lots of fun and flirting, this is your book!

Congratulations Karen Hawkins on Four Blue Roses!

 Karen Hawkins fan page:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Karen-Hawkins/287333464678?ref=ts 

REVIEW: Lush Velvet Nights

Lush Velvet NightsWhen Adriana Greco hired an escort to kidnap her for a weekend of sexual adventure, she never imagined her Viking fantasy, Nathan Wynn, would come to her rescue. He sweeps her away to his secluded mountain home and introduces her to his world of dominance.

Nathan Wynn has a problem. For the first time since the devastating end of his marriage he has to consciously fight his growing feelings for a woman. Adriana's quiet sexuality and secret insecurities leave his heart and mind in a battle of wills with Adriana refusing to let him deny their love.

Warning: erotic encounters and a gentleman's club

I was expecting a great read when I purchased this story, but what I got instead was a tantalizing thrill. Ms. Donahue has a way of pulling you so far into a story that you almost feel like a Peeping Tom. Adriana and Nathan evolved seamlessly as the tale progressed from a weekend of unbridled lust to a love story. They fight their insecurities with real human emotions that sometimes break your heart.

Thank you Tina Donahue, for a wonderful erotic romance with heart. It well worth it's FIVE BLUE ROSES!

Tina Donahue's website:  http://www.tinadonahue.com 

Review: Lost and Found

http://7957049094144838735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/mssellsworth/home/Lost%26Found%20cover.jpg?attachauth=ANoY7cpwGfmaOOsy4bCugStWeb0BRnnFD2htdabf64vuT_3HVlsCALm2v5rYKgAS8fPtwSXfNYMxbDtaqTAxvteVoY9PAkUU21ORHMUwjGGH0mKb15mO2Nj5Eq0SI2OkG59So9wbLfjEPIg8Sao1mFBH5Nw9GGPujHFA4gHNFAK3DieqskGM89Z3_jVOwiYPcn-5Gk1hwiq4m-kBPa6q5ia9gBeWdK4nug%3D%3D&attredirects=0It's Review Wednesday! Today we have M.S. Spencer's mystery romance, Lost and Found.

Rose Culloden is on a mission. Her husband has disappeared and she's on his trail. What kind of trouble could he have been in to leave without saying a word? She needs to talk to him. Rose needs to know he's okay and if there is anyway she can help. But this undertaking takes Rose to Maine and right into James Stewart's arms where she finds more than comfort.
Quiet, grumpy, and aloof, James is not a man to waste time on niceties. However, his first look at Rose had him scheming to get her in bed. What he didn't count on was the baggage she'd bring with her and his heart holding on, even when time and distance threaten to separate them.

Together, Rose and James start a relationship that defies the rules. While she must finish what she's started, James must come to terms with the fact that there is another man in his woman's life. What will happen when Rose does find her lost husband? Will she go back to him? Or will she be the one who is Lost and Found?
WARNING: Sex, love, and betrayal.

M.S. Spencer has quickly become one of my favorite reads. Her vulnerable female characters make me want to scream. They are the perfect example of a women in the crossroads of life. They rebirth in her books and move the story forward. In a world of strong female characters, where the woman is the heroine and the man in need of saving, it's nice to read something different. Rose is real, because we've all met a woman like her. You know, the chick you want to shake some sense into?

Lost and Found is about a woman in need of saving herself and James is the perfect complement to her. He's strong and pulls no punches--what you see is what you get. His prickly demeanor made me laugh, while is own insecurities made him 'real'.

Congratulations, M.S. Spencer on another wonderful novel and Four Blue Roses!
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Review: Divine Turmoil

It's Review Wednesday and today I have Divine Turmoil by your truly. M.S. Spencer reviewed it and captured everything I had hoped the reader would feel and see. Hope you enjoy the review, I know I did! Thank you M.S. Spencer. :)

I have to admit it was difficult to finish Divine Turmoil, not because it wasn’t a wonderful read, but because I am unfortunately dealing with the death from cancer of a loved one.  But Rebecca Rose described the pain and powerlessness associated with losing a parent so well that in a way it comforted me.

Divine Turmoil is the story of Serena and Brian, two people burned by life and mislaid hopes, unwilling to let their emotions take them to the place of comfort they know they’ll find in each others arms.  Ms. Rose has captured beautifully their gradual acceptance of the inevitable without making their resistance either artificial or irritating.

There are some priceless moments, as when Brian feels the first stirrings of jealousy and wants to pee on Serena to mark his territory, and some great lines: “Brian was the breath she couldn’t quite catch.”  Ms. Rose thankfully appreciates males and doesn’t make fun of their masculine nature. And her heroine isn’t one of those Pollyanna's who always knows and does the right thing.  I hate that, don’t you?

Oddly enough, my absolute favorite scene is toward the end when the villain (here Brian’s ex-wife Susan) tries to take Brian back.  Rather than make Susan a cardboard two-dimensional creature that everyone can hate, she adds dimensions—insecurity, doubt, even a wish to make amends—to her.  It reminds the reader that all humans have their dark side and their light side, and that no one is beyond redemption.

I recommend Divine Turmoil to anyone looking for a story that gives the reader romance plus  a cast of very real characters with very human features. I literally couldn’t put it down through the final chapters.  Thank you, Rebecca Rose!

Divine Turmoil is an e-book and after August 1, 2010 you can have it in print from Lyrical Press at:


Review: Lost In His Arms

Welcome to Review Wednesday! *streamer flying through the air and music turned up* I wanted to dance around the room when I finished this weeks review. Now I'm an honest reviewer, and as one, I'm always nervous when I start a novel. What if I don't like it? What if it's not my read or filled to the brim with holes and grammar mishaps? Well my fellow readers and authors-- this is not something I had to worry about with M.S. Spencer's debut novel, Lost In His Arms. A star is born!

Product DetailsChloe Gray's air conditioner is broken. It has to be a hundred and fifty degrees inside and hundred and ten, out. She has a deadline to meet and an instant attraction to the man in the white crisp shirt who's here to save the day. Or is he? The instant attraction to this stranger is beyond comprehension. He doesn't say much, yet when she looks into his eyes, she feels the pull of love at first site.

Ray Wheeler is on a mission. Literally. His job is danger, and so is his cover as a repairman when he meets the intriguing, Chloe Gray. She could jeopardize everything he'd been working years to uncover. He has no doubts that she's the love of his life, however, now he must leave for an infinite amount of time. But before he goes, Ray tells Chloe his real name and where he's going; in hopes she'll wait for him.

What happens when a love of a lifetime is tested to the limits. When you can't distinguish between truth and lies. Where does the heart go for comfort and the mind to rest? Paris, Madrid, Washington, DC? And when do give in to the terrorists threatening that love? A love that ignited when you become Lost In His Arms.
Warning: sexual situations, and nail biting intrigue. 

Applause all around! M.S. Spencer dotted all the I's with this novel. Suspense, mystery, romance. While at the beginning I wondered what would happen to our hero and his love. They had spent so little time together, yet is sustained them through so much. Like a good movie, the tale built until you found yourself grinding your teeth from uneasiness. What a feeling! Ms. Spencer knew her stuff when it came to the political world of Washington, DC. And she never had me questioning the truthfulness of her knowledge. Plus, and I'm patting my own back here, I'm the person who never goes to see mysteries. They don't pull at me because I figure them out in ten to fifteen minutes. Thank you, M.S. Spencer! I never saw it coming and it was a pleasant surprise. :)
Congratulation M.S. Spencer! I don't believe Five Blue Rose's is enough so I'll give you a gold one on top of them.

M.S. Spencer's website: http://sites.google.com/site/mssellsworth/ 

Review: Angel's Master

Angel's Master Cover
It's Review Wednesday! Today we have the spunky Sandra Sookoo who always amazes me with her cross genre writing. Enjoy!

 Ethan Williams is a pirate with a conscience. He's tired of being alone and his ways of plundering and killing have left him empty.

 Jacqueline Massey was born into the American Navy. Her father has placed her in danger by making it her job to trick men into admitting they're are pirates, which sends them to their death. Her guilt over this is only equaled by her father's dismissal of her need to be loved.

Together, Ethan and Jacqueline must fight for their blooming love in hopes that Davy Jones locker doesn't drown them first. 
Warning: Loss of innocence and  tender love scenes

Miss Sandra Sookoo has done it again!
It's not often you find a book that packs so much information, action and love into a novella, but Angel's Master does just this. While I'm a multiple book reader, this novel demanded my attention and forced me to drop all else.
Congratulations Ms. Sookoo on Five Blue Roses!
Sandra Sookoo's website: http://www.sandrasookoo.com/index.html 

Review: Good Cop, Bad Girl

Today I have Paige Tyler's Good Cop, Bad Girl. The title makes me gitty! So, without further ado-- *condoms and lube scattered about the room* LOL Here we go!
Click here to view larger image

It's Julie Hanson's surprise birthday party and Officer Kirk Chandler just showed up at her door with a noise complaint. She thinks he's a
stripper her friends have hired and propositions him to give her a birthday spanking. When his radio talks, letting him know where he's needed next, Julie is dumb struck by her mistake.

Julie doesn't expect to see him again, but Kirk shows up at her door with a gift and an offer to give her a much deserved spanking.

So, what happens when a Good Cop, Bad Girl get together? Why a paddling good time!

Warning: M/F explicit erotic sex in all sorts of fun positions with spankings.

I figured I'd get the WARNING out of the way first. LOL This short story was a long delicious sex scene with mutual attraction. I liked that it wasn't written as a raunchy sex fest between two strangers with no hope at a future together. He took his time kissing her first, and that means a lot to anyone who's new to erotic reads. It also established me as a Paige Tyler reader.
Looking for a short read that packs a sexual punch? Good Cop, Bad Girl will fill your fantasy about those hunky men in blue!
Congratulations Paige Tyler on Five Blue Stars! It got my mind wandering to naughty things. :)
Page Tyler's website: http://www.paigetylertheauthor.com/intro.html 

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose  
Review: Chinook, Wine and Sink Her

Welcome to Review Wednesday! Today I have the contemporary romance Chinook, Wine and Sink Her by Morgan Q. O'Reilly. Enjoy!!!

 Linnet Greenbriar wanted nothing but some seclusion. After a traumatic event at her old job, she's ready to be by herself in the outdoors of Circle, Alaska. Her job for the Fish and Game is simple: net fish in the mighty Yukon River, weigh and measure them, then throw'em back. But Linnet's peace and quiet soon comes to an end when Creed Willis shows up. This larger than life man with a soft spot for fish and flirting soon pulls Linnet out of her harden shell of self-protection.

Creed Willis has never had a relationship longer than one of his two week leaves. Woman fall at his feet and create no game for him to catch. So when he meets the independent Linnet Greenbriar, his first instinct is to reel her in. That is until he leans the secret she has kept, even from her family, for the last few years.

With trust building between them and the addition of Linnet's brothers arrival, the two begin learn there is love to be found on the Yukon River. All Creed has to do is Chinook, Wine and Sink Her.

Okay, I'm going to admit this--- I've loved this cover since it's release! HOT DAMN!! But seriously, Morgan Q. O'Reilly hit this emotional tale on the head. The distinctive characters had all their own personalities, which enabled the reader to never get confused with who is talking. A hard learned talent to hone.
The teasing and banter had me laughing out loud while the plot kept me intrigued. I loved her strong female Linnet and the male self confidence Creed eluded to let Linnet work things emotionally out on her own.
A great summer read and more than worthy of Five Blue Roses! Congratulations, Morgan Q. O'Reilly.

Warning: F/M Romance, great sex, and a wild baby moose.
Morgan Q. O'Reilly's website: http://www.morganqoreilly.com/ 
Review: Nothing But Sex

Welcome to Review Wednesday! Today we have the erotic romance Nothing But Sex by Fran Lee. This tantalizing story is a standalone in the Cougar Challenge Series.

Lee Blackhorse scoffed at the challenge to become a cougar by her friends at Tempt the Cougar. As a forty-two-year-old woman who's feeling defeated and used up by her ex, Lee feels she has no right to be looking in the directions of Mike Running Elk; her weekend helper since he was eighteen. In tight t-shirts and jeans, Mike is the vision Lee sees in everyone of her fantasies. 

Mike Running Elk is a man on a mission. For the past twelve years he has remained working for Lee even though he's more than financially sound. She's the woman of his dreams and when he finds his opportunity to show Lee just what he's been fantasying about doing to her, he takes the challenge with hot seeded desire. But Mike now has to convince Lee he wants to give her more than one night of erotic wild passion and that their growing relationship is more than Nothing But Sex!

Ms. Lee, I thank you for your Cougar Challenge! Knowing a few Cougars I have to say your depiction of their uncertainty is right on. The book is emotionally charged with her dirt ball ex showing up. This awful excuse of a man adds to the realism of the story and helps the reader to understand why Lee is so timid with Mike, yet strong when it comes to her life and standing on her own. Mike is a wonderful male specimen who believes in tradition and being a one-woman-man. Plus, he's hot beyond belief and makes any woman reading this full bodied tale want a piece of his... sorry... my imagination is getting away with me.  LOL

Congratulation Fran Lee on Four Blue Roses!
WARNING: M/F romance, anal sex, a physical altercation, and delicious erotic fun with waffles
Fran Lee's website  http://fran-lee-romance.angelfire.com/

Review: A Lady Never Tells
A Lady Never Tells

                                                                                                                 Mary Bascombe is a woman on a mission. With her father died her mother confessing, moments before dieing, she is granddaughter to the Earl of Stewkesbury. Now Mary must cross the dangerous waters of the Atlantic with her three sisters in hopes for a better life. They leave behind all they know, including a sinister step-father who wishes to sell the  Mary Bascombe is a woman on a mission. With her father died her mother confessing, moments before dieing, she is granddaughter to the Earl of Stewkesbury. Now Mary must cross the dangerous waters of the Atlantic with her three sisters in hopes for a better life. They leave behind all they know, including a sinister step-father who wishes to sell the girls for profit. The four young woman are an independent and wildly bunch who stick together when danger arises and someone tries kidnapping their sister, Rose.Sir

Royce Winslow is a man in the right place at the right time. When the girls papers are stolen, which will prove who they are to the Earl, Royce apprehends the culprit. He lays eyes on the four feisty woman but it is Mary that pulls at his heart. When he learns of their lineage, Royce brings them to see the predecessor to the Earl, whom is his step brother through marriage. The girls are then sent to Willowmere, the earl's country estate, to be polished and learn the ways of an English Lady. However, Royce can't help himself and he joins them. Mary is a welcomed relief to the stuffy and rule abiding ladies he's used to. Now, if only he can only keep the girls safe and win Mary's heart, the world would be perfect.

I was very submerged in this novel. Actually, today I looked for the followup to it so that I can put it on my TRL (to read list). Being one who has read very few historic novels, I found Ms. Camp's rendition of the time knowledgeable and believable. I could see the dresses and male attire clearly, hear their way of talk and understand what was expected of them during this age of time. The emotional and sexually pull between the two main characters was brilliantly played out and I didn't mind having to wait close to 230 pages for them to finally consummate their yearnings. I can fully admit, I appreciate a good sex scene and I wasn't disappointed. All and all, the book was a wonderful read which had me thirsting for more.In the next few weeks I'm positive you will find the next book in the series on here.
Congratulations, Candace Camp on Four Blue Roses!
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Review: Uprooted

Welcome to Review Wednesday! Today I have Jasmine Aherne's Uprooted. It's a Sweet Romance for those of you that don't like the erotic. It's a wonderful story with real characters that warm the heart.
    Uprooted by Jasmine Aherne

Marianne Dawson is in no way going to fall in love. The experience she’s had with the subject wasn’t good so she’s decided life would be easier if she excludes it. Then Mari, as she’s known to her friends, has an unexpected accident. She wakes in the hospital to the handsome face of Dr. Noah Campbell and instantly realizes this man is someone she desperately wants to get to know.

Dr. Noah Campbell is back from working over seas. His life has been uprooted from the news that he has a thirteen years old daughter whose mother passed suddenly. With everything upside down the last thing Noah wanted to do was go on a blind date. Imagine his surprise when he finds the woman he treated in the ER, sitting next to him.

Sparks fly and so do complications. Mari doesn’t want the feelings of love she’s developed for Noah and his daughter, Aimee. And while Noah is learning to balance being a newly single dad he must also convince Mari, the woman he’s looking to marry, life without him and his daughter, is no life at all.

Jasmine Aherne’s Uprooted is a Sweet Romance with all the elements that make a reader go back for more. Her portrayal of a thirteen year old girl is right on with all the rudiments of the teenage attitude. Mari and Noah make a strong connection from the moment they meet and their attraction only builds with each page turned. The struggles and insecurities of a single dad and a woman dating that man make a powerful read for all to enjoy. If you’re looking for a unique sweet story with heart, Uprooted will keep you planted for hours. 
Warning: M/F romance, and you will develop strong emotional pull toward characters.

Congratulation Jasmine on Four Blue Roses! 
 Jasmine Aherne's website: http://www.pinkpetalbooks.com

Review: One Wilde Night

This week I'm blogging about Rhonda Leah's erotic story One Wilde Night. And who, I ask you, WHO? has not wanted a wild night with a handsome stranger?
It's Tara Wilde's birthday and she feeling a bit antsy. Her love life has been MIA for so long that she's seriously thinking about picking up a stranger and just doing whatever fantasies come to mind. After all she is at her twin sisters birthday party and there are plenty of men there that would be more than will to feed her appetite. Then she's introduced to Tucker Carson.

Tucker's only in town for a short time and Tara is a passionate distraction from the stress he's been under. After their one night together, Tucker can't forget the woman who gave him a false name. When he has to return to town for family obligations he pleasantly and passionately surprised to see Tara again.

Tara thinks Tucker is only back for a day or two. Imagine her surprise when she finds out otherwise. In a moment of desperation, Tucker takes her car and gets into a wreck. Now, Tara must come to terms with the fact her easy no-strings-attached affair with him might have bloomed into something more than One Wilde Night.

What can I say! I'm an avid reader of anything Lyrical Press, Inc publishes. Rhonda Leah is a superb storyteller who's ability to detail has the reader projecting the words into visual reels. Her characters were life like with their struggles and faults. I especially liked how they came together out of fate more than lust.
Warning: contains M/F romance, some strong language, and explicit sex

Rhonda, congratulations on Five Blue Rose's!
Rhonda's website http://www.rhondaleah.com/

Review: Deep, Dark, & Delicious

Today I'm reviewing the ever talented Tina Donahue. I've never been much into Erotic reads because the language turned me "Off", pun intended! But after reading her Deep, Dark, & Delicious I found myself seeing erotic romance in a new light! Thank you Tina!
When Eden DeCarlo is devastated by her loss in a prestige best chef competition. She wonders how her life will be once her home is foreclosed on and her dreams of a new business is gone. But Eden didn't count on the Rafe Zayas or his virile interest in her.

Rafe Zayas is a smitten man and his interest in Eden goes way beyond the competition he judged, for which she lost. He wants Eden naked and submissive to his wiles for 30 days. In exchange he'll fund her new venture if she can satisfy his culinary challenges and sexual needs. Unashamed by his need to be dominate, Rafe is determined to explore this attraction they've had since first laying eyes on one another. He also desires her to trust him, something that doesn't come easily to Eden with any person.

I was sad when this story ended. The characters remained in my head days, even weeks, after finishing. If you're an erotic reader or just a person that appreciates a great story with good ole lusty sex scenes, it's a story you must read. This is why I'm giving Tina Donahue's Deep, Dark, & Delicious Five Blue Roses!
Warning: Contains explicit sex

Congratulations, Tina!
Tina's Website http://www.tinadonahue.com/ 

How I review:

5 Blue Roses is when the story is excellent (prose, plot, ect, and without edit errors.)

4 Blue Roses is when the story is awesome but I found more than 4 errors or a repeat in word use. There might also have been an unrealistic moment in the plot, somewhere.

3 Blue Roses is when the story is good but the plot, prose, editing, ect, lacks to the point of distraction.

2 & 1 Blue Roses will never be given because I will not write a bad review. In this case, if I was asked to do the review, I will contact the author and let him/her know why in the most tactful way possible.

Many may not agree with my review ways and that's okay. I just feel a well rounded story is one worth talking about. And, of course, there will be exceptions to the rules.

Have a sparkling day!

Rebecca Rose