Rebecca loves hearing from her readers and welcomes you to contact her. She reads every piece of fanmail and, when possible, answers. There are many questions people like to ask her; therefore, Rebecca answered a few for you.

When did you start writing? Gosh, I always wrote stories or poems. As a child my bedroom walls and closet were covered with my favorites pieces of prose or my own work. But it wasn't until getting pregnant with my third child that I started writing seriously.

Where do you get your ideas? Music is a wicked inspiration for me. There are so many stories that you can mingle together.

Are your character's based on people you know? LOL I get asked that a lot. No. I might merge some personality traits of people I know, but it's way too much fun making up my own characters.

Do you write from your own personal experiences? Heck, no. It's research, research, research and a well developed imagination. I've never been arrested, had to change my name, or been a sex kitty. Although, the last one sounds fun. LOL

Why do you use a pen name? Because my real one is so darn long. Plus my children were very young when I started and I was afraid of the backlash from other parents with what I do.

'Backlash?' Not everyone is receptive toward contemporary romance authors. One woman told me to stay away from her husband when I mentioned what I do for a living. Apparently she has a really good imagination of her own because I have the most normal of lives. Kids are screaming, dishes are dirty, and my husband forgets to bring home milk. What can I say, I'm totally living the dream. :)  

Any advice for aspiring authors? Yes. Read, write, and repeat. Find a good support group that will inspire you not stifle. And be sure to remember, to believe in yourself.

Have a Sparkling Day!,
-Rebecca Rose