Divine Turmoil

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Divine Turmoil
Who Said Coming Home Was Easy?

Many people have felt the urge to get out. It can affect even the most practical of people. When one leaves and has to return, it can evoke feelings of failure. 

Serena O’Neal is feeling just that. Her resentful sister is now tossing their mother’s illness in her face. The blame needs to be placed somewhere, and Serena is the perfect scapegoat. 

Brian Allen doesn't believe in second chances. He’s been down that road before, and thinks of himself as a failure when it comes to relationships. However, Serena’s carefree personality and hidden fragility are too much for Brian to ignore. He finds himself needing to take care of her, while his heart is falling deeply in love.

In life, unexpected surprises can be the most pleasant of astonishment's. When Serena is faced with unconditional love, she runs once again. With a sudden revelation, she’s forced to go back home and face the mess she has created. In doing so, she must not only convince the man she loves to forgive her, she must also forgive herself.

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