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Divine Turmoil is the April 2010 Winner for Best First Line in a novel with D. Renee Bagby.  Thank you to all my readers and to Ms. Bagby

Reviewed by M.S. Spencer. Thank you.
    "Rebecca Rose described the pain and powerlessness associated with losing a parent so well that in a way it comforted me. 

    Divine Turmoil is the story of Serena and Brian, two people burned by life and mislaid hopes, unwilling to let their emotions take them to the great lines: “Brian was the breath she couldn’t quite catch.” Ms. Rose thankfully appreciates males and doesn’t make fun of their masculine nature. And her heroine isn’t one of those Pollyanna's who always knows and does the right thing.place of comfort they know they’ll find in each others arms. Ms. Rose has captured beautifully their gradual acceptance of the inevitable without making their resistance either artificial or irritating. ... some.

    Oddly enough, my absolute favorite scene is toward the end when the villain (here Brian’s ex-wife Susan) tries to take Brian back. Rather than make Susan a cardboard two-dimensional creature that everyone can hate, she adds dimensions—insecurity, doubt, even a wish to make amends—to her. It reminds the reader that all humans have their dark side and their light side, and that no one is beyond redemption.
    I recommend Divine Turmoil to anyone looking for a story that gives the reader romance plus a cast of very real characters with very human features. I literally couldn't put it down through the final chapters. Thank you, Rebecca Rose."

Reviewed by Jasmine Aherne. Thank you.
    "I really loved this story. It'snot your run of the mill romance. It has a deep flavour of love and family to it, with memorable characters who have recognizable flaws and problems in their lives. Settle down with Divine Turmoil and be prepared to be entertained and touched by this sweet and sensual love story!"


  Angelique’s Review for Happily Ever After Reviews. Thank You.
    "Divine Turmoil is a heartfelt and inspiring romance. Ms. Rose crafts this contemporary romance beautifully with characters that will wedge themselves into your heart.

    This story is very character-driven and is highly emotional. Ms. Rose was able to expertly capture the pain, suffering, and hope that accompany a family member with cancer. I found myself tearing up several times, but didn’t want to stop reading. 

.    .. I really enjoyed Divine Turmoil and look forward to reading more from Ms. Rose."
4 1/2 Tea Cups
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