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Divine Valor Excerpt

EXCERPT:                                                                            Coming Soon
                        Divine Valor
                                                                    Book Three

“I should fire you for what you did earlier.” 

“What?” Annette said with venom. “Protecting myself?” 

“Is that what you call it?” His voice roared through the room bouncing off the empty walls. “You might have broken my toe.” He copied her stance then took a gimping step forward. 

Annette hadn’t missed the limp. She felt a small satisfaction from it. “Well, you shouldn’t have tried to run me over, and then be so rude about it.” 

“Rude?” Gabe’s eyebrows shot up from surprise. “I wasn’t the one who was talking like a truck driver.” 

“I wasn’t the one who was looking to ruin someone’s day.” She took a step forward and met him almost toe to toe. “I’m not afraid of you. And you owe me for the vase you broke.” 

“What! The hell I do!” 

“Tell me Mr. Allen. You are Mr. Allen, correct?” He narrowed his eyes at her and she took it as a sign that her assumption was correct. “Are you always in such a foul mood?” 


“So it’s only the random times I’ve met you that you were.” 

“What are you saying, Miz. Jenson?” He drew out the Ms. 

“Just that if we’re going to be working together, than you’d better know I’m not a person that’s going to be stepped on. So, if you give me attitude,” she poked a finger into his chest. “I will give it back.” 

Gabe grabbed the hand that was trying to dig a hole into him. His gentle touch had been a surprise to Annette. His eyes had been so fierce, and his hand so quick to grab hers, yet there was never a moment of fear in her. Here was this huge man with his hair the shade of midnight and his eyes the color of jade, staring into hers. My God, he’s attractive, Annette thought to herself with disgust. 

Gabe dropped her hand. They stared at each other for a full ten seconds before Annette said, “Now get out of my office.” She turned her back to him and pretended to start arranging things on her desk. 

“Welcome to the team.” Gabe grumbled and limped out of the room.